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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Wordpresscom: Get Your Free Reading

Wordpresscom: Get Your Free Reading: Welcome people page pajenterprises, What is P.A.J.Enterprises, Is me knowing my self you can too by just take the time out of your self, a...
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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Close to the Metal Ep. 53: Windows Mixed Reality isn't so mixed

Streamed live 8 hours ago
IFA 2017, Europe's biggest consumer electronics show, is about to begin, and with it we've received a burst of new reveals. Microsoft is using the show to talk about Windows Mixed Reality, which we went hands-on with, and clarify what the first batch of headsets will do. The products are a bit different from what the term "mixed reality" lead us to think. Instead of focusing on a blend of virtual and augmented reality, they heavily focus on augmented reality, using built-in cameras primarily for spatial recognition without the use of external sensors. It's innovative, and  important, but not for the reasons we first thought. We'll examine all the latest Windows Mixed Reality news on this week's Close to the Metal. Close to the Metal is a podcast from Digital Trends that takes a deep dive into computing and PC gaming topics. Each show, we’ll focus in on one topic, and leave no stone unturned as we show off the latest in hardware and software. Whether it’s the latest GPU, supercomputers, or which 2-in-1 you should buy, we break down the complicated jargon and talk about how user experience is affected in the real world. Please subscribe, share, and send your questions to We broadcast the show live on YouTube and Facebook at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern, every Tuesday.

Introduction to Microsoft Flow

ZTE Blade ZMAX unboxing and First Look For metroPCS

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Waszupp Global Crowd Funding

Welcome to pajenterprises the funder of this company with the Was -zupp Global  Crowd Funding  simple  pajenterprise Meet live connected inventors

Monday, August 14, 2017



JVZoo Future Events: We keep getting asked about our yearly event in Orlando, so we thought we’d update you all and...
Posted by JVZoo - Affiliate Network on Monday, August 14,

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Real Live time Communities Healthy Projects/ Seeing Is Believing

Javascript#DTM   Welcome To PAJ.Enterprises, My Newly full package  Windows 7 date release to the public 11:59 PM 8/12/2017  For The  People At PAJ.Enterprises  just click to view  " Conversation  ?

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adobe projects.txt adode
Learn about available solution and core service integrations in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.Curate data your way with Analysis Workspace.
Analysis Workspace is our new analytics experience that allows you to simplify the visualization, analysis, and sharing of complex sets of data. Pick from our templates and modify your experience as needed. Drag and drop different dimensions and elements, create ad hoc queries, and get results in seconds.

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Adobe Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive set of best-in-class, integrated solutions built on a common data platform with a common set of powerful core services. The following table provides access to available Marketing Cloud integration documentation.,windows-10 owner website,, Data,file:///C:/Users/AAA/AppData/Local/Temp/mcloud.pdf,
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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Friday, July 21, 2017

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Monday, July 3, 2017
10:16 AM
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/ Fax: 646.377.4498 
Cash System 
S u Real Estate. to 
All cash is our "preference When we buy a property. 
we intend to buy a property on cash basis. It must 
be at a "Significant" discount, it has to make sense 
for us to put our cash into today' market. Call me 
and leave a brief message and I Will talk to you soon 
about pur (House). 
Co-Wholesailing is a way of wholesaling properties byforming a joint venture With Other wholesaling teal estate, is a great 
to start making moneyfßt While learning about the business, and you can do it without any Of your own mono or credit. 
Well, I am lookingfor gnat deals and I also with a group ofinvestors that may be interested in some ofyour deals, ifthey 
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Ifyou decide to become a Co-Wholesaler partner with me, you are welcome to download CO-MARKETING AGREEMENT 
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doing with us, I would love to talk to you more about the process, how we do everything, and the paperwork. Monday, July 3, 2017, 10:16 AM This this the Master in Real Estate Co-Wholesaling Properties, my mentor and partner here you will get the best guide to success workshop,. Welcome to the people page Click Here to Get Details on Zack's Next Workshop or Call to Register 707-310-8487 Please share this video with your friends and family so we uplift all around us: 206 3 4 Google + 5  2  59 268  Copyright 2017 - Freedom From Flipping - All Rights Reserved Click Here to Get Details on Zack's Next Workshop or Call to Register 707-310-8487 Notifications Powered By  Get Notifications From From

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Using the Time Sale Option

Monday, July 3, 2017


 Build A List Of Rabid Buyers With the Most Powerful 'Lead & Money Grabbing' System...  Introducing the Ultimate ALL-IN-ONE 'Commission Spitting' Machine

Saturday, July 1, 2017



Computers/Technology est en train de regarder FIFA Confederations Cup.
9 min
P.A.J, My simple way to, for any person willing to take the time out to better them self to successes way in life, here is the information you needed to know. by just using my computer technology teaching it will provide you with and step by step process you how to go about through the computer without having a problem doing so all you need to boo is follow every step by step Passes through exactly to have everything go right with the practice. do this, in the end, you will come out on top of the rat runs. This is for people who want to have a change in their life this is for such people. Description why and what is a big question why is the question and what is the answer for all problem in life and this is the what???? what is computer technote is to guide you through the right path to success the simple secret they don't want you to now is simply asking the computer technology what you want to learn out of the lesson them follow through with it just follow the lead it will prove you with. and that is one of the biggest secrets I just reveal to you.
Ligue sportive4 985 331 J’aime
The #ConfedCup Final is confirmed!

Chile vs Germany
@[1482786498603432:274:Selección Chilena] vs @[119410741469917:274:DFB-Team (Die Mannschaft)]
FIFA Confederations Cup
  • Jazmith Mora
  • Alsayed Ismail
  • Moey Mohammad Kuran
  • Kim Ann Friscia

Thursday, June 29, 2017

To Whom It May Concern

Article, To whom it may concern
Patrick Jonas Article, To whom it may concern, My name is Patrick Jonas. I am from Kingston Jamaica, where I grew up in the rural area of Kingston. I was raised with three brothers in Kingston Jamaica my Mother who was father and mother she had to work very hard.She kept two jobs to make things work for us my father he was the type of man to keep more than one women. However, my parents constantly fought so my father decides to leave. This is my life start to be very hard now mom needs me more than ever. You see I am the eldest one out of four of us now there were no fathers in our life so I become the father of my brothers. My mom would let me watch over my brothers, mom work so hard she also run a Deli store and she would tell me to take care of business when she goes to work. At this time I was the age twelve years old and my brothers there ages eleven, five and eight years of age. Life was very hard for mom still she has problems meeting her bills this leave me thinking about everything.My father lived not far from us, he hung out with friends at the bar where his friends and he drink. Mom would send me to the store where I would pass my father and his friend drinking he would point to me tell his friends that's his son. I would pass looking at him and ask myself the question-Why is life so hard? Why do people not love one another? Why don't people love God? So I ask myself the question who is God where is God so this is my destiny start. why I tell the story is to show that I’m quality only the best I produce for the environment. my mom would depend on me to help her out with my brothers and our family business this is where I become this independent man So by me reach the age 16 I was thinking like a man. I got a job,  I take care of me and also I learned to take care of people. I grew up with a lot of love for people I have two Daughters which I love so much. I’m a proud father working as a trade skill man.This skill I love so much,  woodwork with a lot of passion my practice is to please people or my clients what they want is  OPPORTUNITY One love, spread the love,  in the meanwhile check out my blogs and website,  How to Create A Logo Cut cast/ CUSTOM CABINET  Welcome to Jonas GIFT Cards  Shop. Powered by pay pal.  And Atom Word.  It all started when I took the first step towards making a change, somehow I stumble on an opportunity for the first time. So I grab that chance. That’s when I establish the first Domain name & which took me to the second name info pa vitamin which leads me to. / that’s where my logo starts. Saying that I created my own logo without an extra cent. It’s simple all I needed was a computer and a printer, NO special skills. In the beginning, I had no computer experience. now my web comes with a lot of opportunities. With pay pal, you’re secured 100%. It’s all start with you like working from home, now I manage my own website. website ., 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ZCode Totals Predictor

                                                             ZCode Totals Predictor  live                                                             Patrick Jonas
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I think you'll like 5.5 inch Quad-Core MTK6580 Android 5.1 WCDMA/GSM WIFI Smartphone Dual Sim Dual Standby. Add it to your wishlist!

Google Source



Import bookmarks from Google Chrome

Import bookmarks from Google Chrome: Firefox lets you easily import bookmarks and other data from Google Chrome. This article gives you step-by-step instructions for getting it done. Click the Bookmarks button and select Show All Bookmarks to open the Library window. From the toolbar in the Library window, click Import and Backup and...

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